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Believe it or not, we have the EP recorded and finished! Available now for purchase – Digital download, or get a CD sent directly to you.

Sunny & The Whiskey Machine is the perfect blend of country, blues, bluegrass, rock n roll, and a whole lot of soul. All blended until you get what they like to call “SoulGrass”. Consisting of  Sunny Gable, Guy Ewing,  and Bruce Allsopp, there is a distinct sound and style from the band, yet you still never know what’s coming next! From soaring harmonies, to blunt, in your face diatribes to the world. It’s never boring.

From DGO Magazine by Bryant Ligget –
Soul-grass. Dark Gospel. Or maybe you can call it Gothic swing. You can pair together many words to make two-word descriptions of music that will work when you talk about a band like Sunny and the Whiskey Machine. The trio (and sometimes bigger) does an acoustic take on soul, old-time, rock, swing, and country via the murder ballad or sordid tale… (More here)

Sunny & The Whiskey Machine performs through out Colorado, New Mexico,  Arizona, and Utah. They’ve also been featured on the regional radio show, Rezbilly Breakdown Bluegrass Show.

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Check out a sample from the EP:

Ballad of Becky Tait

Video from the Tucson Folk Festival in Tucson, Az

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